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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Monthly with a few bi-weekly runs. It differs from world of darkness urban legends pdf Batman titles in that it has constantly rotating creative teams, and the stories are not necessarily part of the continuity of the other Batman comics.

However, after issue 20, stories of different lengths started to appear. While some stories have tied in with the other titles, generally this has not been the case. Batman’s career, though a few are set in the present and even the future. Robin, did appear in issue 23, though he was still a circus performer.

This time, the stories are self-contained out of continuity single chapters. The series is currently published as a weekly digital series, and is published quarterly as 100-page “super spectacular” issues. Woodley quickly manages to kill the bounty hunter before falling off the cliff after a small fight with Wayne. Wayne’s supplies are lost with Woodley which nearly results in Wayne’s death when a Native American with her grandfather discover him. The grandfather is able to save Wayne’s life by taking Wayne to his cabin and tells him a story on how the Bat gained its wings, while wearing a mask of a bat. After he recuperates and leaves, Wayne is warned by the granddaughter never to tell anyone the story. Wayne attempts to fight crime but fails miserably.

That night after he fails a bat flies into the room and reminds Wayne of the Native American’s story from years earlier and so he decides to create a costume for himself and become Batman. A man known as “Mr. Whisper” is killing off mob bosses one by one. At the same time, Batman’s investigation links Mr.

Note: Grant Morrison’s second Batman story and first non-graphic novel Batman story. Note: First appearance of the “Venom” drug-steroid, later used by Bane. First Legends of the Dark Knight story to be referenced in-canon in the main Batman titles, during Knightfall. A drug addict is rescued from a fatal beating by Batman, which inspires him to organize a group of neighborhood vigilantes to take up Batman’s cause.

However, his addled dreams convince him that he must supplant Batman. Note: Tells the previously unseen story of Leslie Thompkins discovering Bruce Wayne is Batman. First issue of the series to be set in the then-present day continuity and the first issue to crossover with the other Batman titles. Two-Face takes over a small island with plans to create a society in his own scarred image.

Note: First regular DC Universe appearance of the island nation of Corto Maltese, which was introduced in the pages of the out of continuity Batman: The Dark Knight Returns mini. Note: The Cavalier who appears in the story is a new character, previously never seen before and has no ties with the more commonly known version of the character. Norse hero known as the Bat Man. In his early days, Batman trained a female rookie cop, Mercedes “Mercy” Stone, to fight in hand-to-hand combat.

Five years later, he must rescue her from a pit-fighting ring. Is it some sort of hallucination or is his life as Batman the real illusion? While fleeing the police, Batman encounters an actress-turned-vampire who was thought to have died 40 years ago, and Batman is hypnotized into doing her will. Note: Inspired by early Batman stories involving Batman facing vampires in the 1930s. But when one of her colleagues dies under mysterious circumstances her rehabilitation is called into question. Note: First story to feature Poison Ivy attempting to reform.

Batman and Captain James Gordon go after racist cops who are brutalizing and murdering blacks. Catman, portraying him as a serial killer driven by memories of an abusive mother. A man from Batman’s past comes to Gotham seeking vengeance. While hunting a serial killer, Batman discovers an undead man who attempts to kill him in order to live again. A tale of an alternate future Batman.

A foreign diplomat whose country is guilty of violating human rights is targeted by a group of terrorists. Bruce Wayne, confined to a wheelchair after having his back broken by Bane, attempts to rescue Jack Drake and Shondra Kinsolving from Shondra’s evil brother, the Asp. Note: Set in the then present day continuity of the Batman titles. Part of the “Knightquest: The Search” crossover. Notes: Set in the then present day continuity. Part of the “Knightsend” crossover.

Batman tracks a drug addict to a hotel filled with lost souls. Batman in an explosion, he believes that he is finally rid of his archfoe. As a result, his insane mind returns to sanity, and the Ace of Knaves forgets his bloodstained past, starting a new life as the average citizen “Joseph Kerr”. Batman, however, is still alive, and his return to Gotham means the end to The Joker’s newfound happiness. Note: The plot for this story had originally been submitted to DC by J.

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