Why can not copy chase bank statement pdf

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News, analysis and research for business technology professionals, plus peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. The FCC’s recent net neutrality ruling has the potential to expose enterprises engaged in digital business, as well as cloud companies and their customers, to high premiums for their Internet access. Top quantitative executive recruiter Linda Burtch of Burtchworks provides insight into how to keep yourself competitive in data science, business intelligence, and other analytics-related careers. Here’s how to get ready for a future of new technology, including AI, natural language processing, and IoT. Think, Do We Rule Technology, or Does Tech Rule Us? A nugget in CompTIA’s predictions for 2018 raises awareness of a somewhat dark side of technology, and the questions we should be asking ourselves. Read Think, Do We Rule Technology, or Does Tech Rule Us?

Alexa’s popularity among consumers serves as a wake-up call for businesses. Eventually, voice interfaces will replace keyboards, taps and swipes, but organizations must be wary of approaching voice interface design the same way they’ve approached web and mobile design. Before you begin, consider these points. Being resilient, particularly in a time of disruption, is a relentless, often fanatical pursuit to be at the forefront of your industry. In Senate hearing, Uber CISO admits company messed up in not quickly disclosing breach that exposed data on 57 million people. Many organizations are still ill-prepared to master the digital journey, according to research.

Interop ITX expert Scott Lowe explains the growing demand for infrastructure generalists. If you are like most organizations, your analytics program is not ready for advanced analytics technologies such as machine learning. Here are a few steps to take to get you closer, or a way you can leapfrog the work to reap the benefits now. This open source container orchestration platform looks like it’s on its way to becoming a de facto standard.

Attackers exploit trust in popular websites to launch phishing campaigns and spread malware. Will Digital Transformation Create or Eliminate Enterprise IT Jobs? So, the question arises: Is digital transformation good for the IT professional’s career? Read Will Digital Transformation Create or Eliminate Enterprise IT Jobs?

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Expanding a successful department-level agile initiative across an enterprise requires an agile project approach of its own. There are plenty of concerns about the safety of artificial intelligence, and it’s up to humans to set the standards for safe uses of the technology. Critical use-after-free vulnerability being used in targeted attacks. Some enterprises struggle to drive business value from data science efforts because the business and data scientists are not communicating or collaborating well.

Here are five things you can do to improve the cross-functional relationships and ROI. Cloud pioneer Colin Bodell, now with Groupon, shares his experiences and thoughts on implementing an enterprise cloud strategy. We are heading toward a new digital world where low-code or no-code platforms will enable anyone to assemble applications. Research shows that chief data officers are helping their organizations turn data into dollars.

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