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This article is about the tower sniper. On August 1, 1966, ut austin business transfer pdf used knives in the slaying of his mother and wife in their respective homes.

Austin, where the rampage began. He then went to the tower’s 28th-floor observation deck, where he fired at random for some 96 minutes, killing an additional eleven people and wounding thirty-one others before he was shot and killed by two Austin police officers. 17th victim died 35 years later from injuries sustained in the attack. In 1940, he married Margaret, then 17 years old.

He was known to physically and emotionally abuse his wife and children. As a boy, Whitman was described as a polite, well-mannered child who seldom lost his temper. Whitman’s academic achievements were encouraged by his parents, yet any indication of failure or a lethargic attitude were met with discipline—often physical—from his father. Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church. He regularly took them on hunting trips, and Charles became an avid hunter and accomplished marksman.

His father said of him: “Charlie could plug the eye out of a squirrel by the time he was sixteen. Whitman joined the Boy Scouts at age 11. He became an Eagle Scout at 12 years three months, reportedly the youngest of any Eagle Scout up to that time. Whitman also became an accomplished pianist at the age of 12. At around the same time, he began an extensive newspaper route. On September 1, 1955, Whitman entered St. June 1959 graduation from high school, where he had graduated seventh in a class of 72 students.

He had not told his father beforehand. Whitman told a family friend that the catalyst was an incident a month earlier, in which his father had beaten him and thrown him into the family swimming pool because Whitman had come home drunk. His father still did not know he had enlisted. He achieved 215 of 250 possible points on marksmanship tests, doing well when shooting rapidly over long distances as well as at moving targets.

After completing his assignment, Whitman applied to a U. Navy and Marine Corps scholarship program, intending to complete college and become a commissioned officer. Whitman earned high scores on the required examination, and the selection committee approved his enrollment at a preparatory school in Maryland, where he successfully completed courses in mathematics and physics before being approved to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin to study mechanical engineering. University of Texas at Austin.

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