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This article is about Trevor Nunn’twelfth night pdf free download film. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. During their journey, they are caught in a storm, shipwrecked and separated.

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Viola and other survivors end up on the shore of Illyria. A devastated Viola believes her brother dead. The young woman has her long, beautiful hair cut by the sailor, conceals her breasts, and dresses like a young man. She uses the tragedy as an excuse to avoid seeing the Duke, whom she does not love. He sends “Cesario” to do his wooing and Olivia falls in love with the messenger, unaware of “Cesario”‘s real gender. Viola is caught in even more of a quandary in that she is in love with Orsino. Olivia, but she purposely ignores him.

Antonio, who has “many enemies in Orsino’s court”, is forced to flee when he is recognised and comes across “Cesario”, whom he mistakes for Sebastian, and is outraged when “Cesario” fails to help him out. Arriving at her estate, Sebastian meets Olivia, who, mistaking him for “Cesario”, talks him into marrying her. When he learns of this, Orsino is furious and dismisses his page, whom he had made a friend and confidante. However, the matter is soon cleared up when Sebastian and “Cesario” come face-to-face and the latter reveals her real nature and identity of Viola. The film ends with both couples holding a party to celebrate their marriages, while the supporting players, including the humiliated Sir Andrew and Malvolio, leave the estate with their heads held high and Feste sings his song, “The Wind and the Rain”. Viola and Orsino’s native countries.

Viola and the other survivors hail from Messaline and when they end up in Illyria they are forced to hide and live like fugitives since “Messaline with this country is at war” over some trading disputes: The Captain mentions “The war between the merchants here and ours” while hiding in the cave from Orsino and his men. In the original play the Captain claims to have been “bred and born not three hours’ travel from” where they got washed ashore. Captain appears openly at the party at the end where he is embraced by Viola. 31 reviews, with an average rating of 6. The site’s critical consensus reads, “Director Trevor Nunn makes some questionable choices, but his stellar cast — which includes Helena Bonham-Carter, Ben Kingsley, and Nigel Hawthorne — more than rises to the material. Berardinelli calls it “solid entertainment.

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