The secrets of the millionaire mind pdf

Eker’s writing and speaking often focus on his concept of the “Millionaire Mind,” a collection of “mental attitudes that facilitate wealth. Another concept is that guilt prevents seeking wealth and that “thinking about wealth as a means to help others” relieves this guilt and enables wealth accumulation. In his book, Eker the secrets of the millionaire mind pdf 17 ways in which the financial blueprints of the rich differ from those of the poor and the middle-class.

One theme identified in this list is that the rich discard limiting beliefs while the unsuccessful succumb to them. Eker founded the seminar company, Peak Potentials Training. According to a Peak Potentials press release, the company was later acquired by Success Resources, an event production company, in 2011. Eker has produced seminars since at least 2001. Eker as an example of changes in non-fiction publishing. The WSJ article examined his use of his seminars, contacts, and personal following as a “platform” from which to promote sales of his own book.

1 on the Wall Street Journal’s business-book list. Eker was named in a “prospective class-action lawsuit” involving two individuals who purchased residential properties from people they met while attending one of his seminars. Another Vancouver Sun report from 2007 cites a claim that Eker’s company Peak Potentials Training Inc. Millionaire Mind Intensive” course at the Wall Centre in October 2005. The plaintiffs alleged that Eker and his company violated the Canadian Consumer Act through wide variability in the pricing of seminar attendance.

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