The complete reference php pdf

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77 0 0 1 4. This edited version of the question is hopefully a good candidte for reopen. 36K times and has interesting answers. It’s a library recommendation question, which by its very nature is off-topic. Even if it were to be reopened it’d simply be closed again with a more precise reason. Seems some people can’t get past the word “library”.

Use comments to ask for more information or suggest improvements. Avoid answering questions in comments. You will need to find the format of an FDF file in order to generate the info to fill in the fields. The pdftk command can generate an FDF file from a PDF form file. You can then use the generated FDF file as a sample. Searched, found this, solved my problem.

UTF-16 issues that may arise with fdf files are addresses in a separate answer below. My first tests have been impressive. Since this answer predates that project by about 6 years, it was unknown to me at the time. 1 to the accepted answer, and a little tip if you run into encoding issues with the fdf file. If you generate the fields. I was then able to edit and import the better. This skeletal example ought to help ya get started.

This post is community owned as of Sep 18 ’08 at 0:49. Click through for relevant code using Zend Framework PDF library. Yes, I saw that response. However, I was wondering if there was some library specific for working with PDF forms, not just flat PDF documents. The paid version isn’t very expensive, and there is a more limited open source edition, if you are unable to shell out for the paid version. I tried using an FDF solution years ago, but found it way too complicated which is why I wrote CAM::PDF in the first place.

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