The complete book of self sufficiency by john seymour pdf

Trees are planted in lines, the branches are woven together to strengthen and fill the complete book of self sufficiency by john seymour pdf weak spots until the hedge thickens. Pleach also means weaving of thin, whippy stems of trees to form a basketry effect.

This craft had been developed by European farmers who used it to make their hedge rows more secure. It keeps the lower parts of a hedge thick and dense, and was traditionally done every few years. The stems of hedging plants are slashed through to the centre or more, then bent over and interwoven. The plants rapidly regrow, forming a dense barrier along its entire length. American gardens, but are frequently observed in Europe. Cheshire, which survive in splendidly controlled form.

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Prince and Count Claudio were “walking in a thick pleached alley in my orchard. Yorkshire, the avenues began to be pleached once again, as an experiment in restoration, in 1972. Pleaching describes the weaving of branches into houses, furniture, ladders and many other 3D art forms. Newspaper clipping about Axel Erlandson’s trees and their history and what is planned for them.

Pleached trees at the Tree Circus in Scotts Valley from the basic structure of a new botanic architecture. Photo caption in a newspaper clipping. Photo has 4 of Axel Erlandson’s trees in frame. Book about the history, talks about the different artists and gives a brief outline of the author’s method of shaping trees. Self published by practicing non expert. Pleaching can even by used to construct living builings. Red Alder bench by Richard Reames and the Sycamore Tower by Axel Erlandson.

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