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Financial engineering such as trading decision is an emerging research area and also has great commercial potentials. However, these indicators can not technical analysis explained martin pring pdf download the accuracy of prediction in chaotic domain. The main contributions of this paper are two-fold.

High-level representation has several advantages such as insensitive to noise and intuitive to human being. However, it is rarely used in past research. Technical indicator is the knowledge from professional investors, which can generally characterize the market. Second, by combining high-level representation with probabilistic model, the randomness and uncertainty of chaotic system is further reduced.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. ASD’ the ability to accurately process and interpret auditory information is often difficult. Here we review behavioural, neurophysiological and imaging literature pertaining to this field with the aim of providing a comprehensive account of auditory processing in ASD, and thus an effective tool to aid further research. Literature was sourced from peer-reviewed journals published over the last two decades which best represent research conducted in these areas. Findings show substantial evidence for atypical processing of auditory information in ASD at behavioural and neural levels.

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