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Ebley are contiguous with Stroud and are generally considered as saving a photo album as a contiguous pdf suburbs. Particularly noteworthy was the production of military uniforms in the colour Stroudwater Scarlet. 19th century, linked to the tailoring and cloth industries. Stroud was an industrial and trading location in the 19th century, and so needed transport links.

La Strode”, and was first recorded in 1221. 1304, often cited as the date of Stroud’s foundation. This Act, also known as the Second Reform Act, gave the vote to every urban male householder, not just those of considerable means. This increased the electorate by 1.

Stroud civil parish had a total population of 12,690. For every 100 females, there were 96. The average household size was 2. At the 2011 census, 107,026 people were described as white British, plus 591 being from the Irish Republic.

2,752 were white other, 364 Caribbean, 129 African, 429 Asian and 300 other Asian, all from mixed multiple ethnic groups. Of these, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh accounted for 258 people. Chinese ad Arab people accounted for 226 people. Stroud has a significant artistic community that dates back to the early 20th century. The town has the largest and most diverse number of creative artists, musicians and authors outside London. Kite aerial photograph of the restoration of the walled garden at the Museum in the Park. Britain’s first fully organic café, Woodruffs.

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The Biodynamic Agricultural Association is based in the town. A new committee took over in early 2015 and now holds the festival on August Bank Holiday each year. With a number of outdoor stages, and the majority of the venues in town taking part, over 400 performers can be seen free of charge over the course of the weekend. UK’s only festival to celebrate the diverse culture of textiles. The Trust has produced a DVD, Rivers of Cloth, using archive film and interviews which was due to be released in early 2011 and a photographic survey of surviving woollen mills was undertaken for a book, Wool and Water, and was due to be published in 2012. Stroud has a strong community of independent shops and cafés. 2004, came against opposition from locals.

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