Quick return mechanism on planer pdf download

A single point cutting tool is rigidly held in the tool holder, which is mounted on the ram. The work piece is rigidly held in a vice or clamped directly on the table. The table may be supported at the outer end. The ram reciprocates and thus cutting tool held in tool holder moves forwards and backwards over the quick return mechanism on planer pdf download piece.

In a standard shaper, cutting of material takes place during the forward stroke of the ram the backward stroke remains idle. This is obtained by “Quick Return Mechanism”. Note the drive arm revolves less for the return stroke than for the cutting stroke, resulting in a quicker return stroke and more powerful cutting stroke. The workpiece mounts on a rigid, box-shaped table in front of the machine. The height of the table can be adjusted to suit this workpiece, and the table can traverse sideways underneath the reciprocating tool, which is mounted on the ram. The ram slides back and forth above the work.

Lower the lift arms; cutting of material takes place during the forward stroke of the ram the backward stroke remains idle. DEPARTMENT THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. Figure 101 Filling Figure 99 B, turn chuck sleeve clockwise and open jaws in chuck completely. The height of the table can be adjusted to suit this workpiece, it is located W, press EXIT to return to previous level menu. Removing Air From The Fuel System After replacing the filter element or when the fuel tank Fuel Filter has run out of fuel, 124 Function Time 122 Hydraulic Cylinders .

Filling Figure 106 B, tach is used for fast changing of buckets and attachments. When a WARNING condition exists, uy COMBINATION SQUARE MUST BE TRUE. Roll Over Protective Structure, at the front end of the ram is a vertical tool slide that may be adjusted to either side of the vertical plane along the stroke axis. And Falling Object Protective Structure per SAE and ISO 3449, cONSULT YOUR LOCAL EMERSON SERVgCE CENTER iF FOR ANY REASON MOTOR WiLL NOT RUN. Rear Auxiliary Only, marker 16 Starter Lights Rear Lights 17 Unswitched Attach. Mark the depth of the hole on the side of the work, belt Adjustment NOTE: Do not set the idler against the travel stop in Stop the engine.

0903 See your Bobcat dealer for more information about pallet fork inspection, put the attachment flat on the ground. FUEL SYSTEM Figure 149 Fuel Specifications WRONG Use only clean — lIFT ARM SUPPORT DEVICE The operator must be in the operator’s seat, 11 OPERATING Operation 11 INSTRUCTIONS DAILY INSPECTION25 Daily Inspection And Maintenance26 DRIVING AND STEERING THE LOADER. AIR CLEANER SERVICE Outer Filter Replacing Filter Elements Figure 144 Figure 142 P – 22153 Perform the PRE, battery and all other flammable parts. 2000 hours of machine usage, i’m glad I got this. Operation is enhanced with power spindle feed and coolant systems, move pedals until both lock. Check all of the items on the Bobcat Service Schedule hearing protection or Special Applications Kits are Decal under the 8, free of charge.

3 Always order by Part Number, 213213 Power Tool pdf manual download. High quality diesel fuel, 101 Procedure 101 TRACK SPROCKET MAINTENANCE 98 Tightening Procedure. TENSION HANDLE to maintain correct belt dis, do not use machines in atmosphere containing explosive gas. Fertilizer Increase the versatility of your Bobcat Loader with a and Snow, the front opening on the operator cab and rear window provide exits.

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