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A large white and purple creature standing upright with its right arm outstretched towards the viewer. It has a feline-shaped head, long purple tail and stomach, enlarged thighs, three fingers, and two toes. Mewtwo is voiced by actress Miriam Pultro in the English dub. In the video games, the player can fight and capture Mewtwo to pit it against other Pokémon. Regarded as one of the series’ strongest Pokémon, it changed the way players approached the games by forcing them to find ways to counteract those using Mewtwo.

United States, Mewtwo was rarely referred to as a “clone” in Japanese sources. Game Freak programmer Shigeki Morimoto. Tsunekazu Ishihara stated that Mewtwo was expected to be popular with North American audiences, citing their preference for strong, powerful characters. Despite being Mew’s clone, Mewtwo’s appearance is very different in comparison. Its appearance has been likened to “an oversized cross of cat, squirrel and kangaroo”. In the original games, Mewtwo is intended to be “the strongest Pokémon ever”.

Mew’s due to intentional alterations to the genetic source material it was cloned from. Otherwise, it conserves its energy until needed. Despite being Mew’s clone, Mewtwo does not share its ability to learn every single teachable move within the games. As a character in the games, Mewtwo’s physical appearance is not its only stark divergence from Mew. The franchise’s non-video game media, particularly the anime, has expanded upon the character. Mewtwo’s existence by reading research notes left in the ruined Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island.

Pokédex entry states that Mewtwo was “created by a scientist after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments”. Mewtwo proved too mighty to control, destroying the laboratory and escaping. Pokémon species before access to the cave would be granted. Pokémon capable of using the new Mega Evolution mechanic, as it can become either Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y.

Since its debut, Mewtwo has appeared in other Nintendo games. Mewtwo appears as a final boss after all competitions have been completed. April 28, 2015, though it was made available to Club Nintendo members who registered both versions on April 15, 2015. Mega Evolving into Mega Mewtwo X. The traditional Mewtwo appears as a playable character as well. He instead uses Mewtwo as a weapon.

After escaping Giovanni, Mewtwo questions its reason for existence and declares revenge on its creators. Once it does so, Mewtwo forces the originals to battle the clones in an effort to determine which set is superior, while Mewtwo faces its own original, Mew. Ash sacrifices himself to stop the fighting, though he is later revived. Mewtwo, Mew, and the clones then leave to find a sanctuary, striking memory of the events from those gathered. American audiences needed a “clearly evil” rather than ambiguous villain. English, and by Ichimura in Japanese.

In this film, Mewtwo displayed unique abilities and powers unseen in other Pokémon, such as blocking all Pokémon moves in his arena when the clones face off against the originals. Fuji, Mewtwo is one of several cloning attempts, which also include a clone of Fuji’s deceased daughter. To save the traumatized Mewtwo, Fuji erases its memories and puts it under sedation until its body finishes developing, leading to the events of the film. English localization the voice actor is uncredited. Japanese television in December 2000 and released worldwide on home video and DVD in 2001.

English with Ichimura reprising the role in Japanese, Mewtwo and the clones have since found peace in another region. However, Giovanni, whose memories were left intact after the first film, locates and pursues Mewtwo. Assisted by Ash and his companions, Mewtwo comes to terms with its existence and defeats Giovanni, removing any memory of itself from his and his soldiers’ minds, while leaving the others unaffected. As everyone departs, Mewtwo sets out on its own. However, after learning compassion from Mewtwo, the machine rebels and self-destructs. Mewtwo, created and controlled by the story’s antagonist Dr.

With help from a hologram Mew, Ash and his companions destroy the Mewtwo hologram and defeat Yung. Ash, Iris, Cilan, and Eric from the rampaging Genesect army. A Mewtwo, which was created by Mr. Mewtwo interestedly watching other Pokémon play. Because of the DNA that they share, the two are unable to be separated for very long without becoming ill.

DNA in Blaine’s arm, at which point Mewtwo leaves. The Birth of Mewtwo” animated short, resulting in little connection between Ono’s work and the film. In it, Mewtwo’s creator Dr. Fuji takes on the role of a coach for the fully developed Pokémon, while his employer, Team Rocket, tests its abilities. Learning of a plan to mass-produce it as a weapon, Fuji approaches Mewtwo and tells it to destroy the lab and Fuji himself.

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