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Boccaccio – Decameron, MCCCCLXXXXII ad di XX de giugno – 3852856 Scan00015. 1348, and completed it by 1353. Ten days is the period in which the characters of the frame story tell their tales. Lancelot in order to arrange a meeting between his friend and Guinevere. At this meeting the Queen first kisses Lancelot, and so begins their love affair. Francesca and Paolo read of Lancelot and Guinevere, and the story impassions them to lovemaking. Dante’s description of Galehaut’s munificence and savoir-faire amidst this intrigue impressed Boccaccio.

He contrasts this life with that of the menfolk, who enjoy respite in sport, such as hunting, fishing, riding, and falconry. Each of the ten characters is charged as King or Queen of the company for one of the ten days in turn. Only Dioneo, who usually tells the tenth tale each day, has the right to tell a tale on any topic he wishes, due to his wit. Many authors have argued that Dioneo expresses the views of Boccaccio himself.

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Each day also includes a short introduction and conclusion to continue the frame of the tales by describing other daily activities besides story-telling. These frame tale interludes frequently include transcriptions of Italian folk songs. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. The commercial and urban values of quick wit, sophistication, and intelligence are treasured, while the vices of stupidity and dullness are cured, or punished. Dante’s model not to educate the reader but to satirize this method of learning. This was part of a wider historical trend in the aftermath of the Black Death which saw widespread discontent with the church. Pampinea, Fiammetta, Filomena, Emilia, Lauretta, Neifile, and Elissa.

The men, in order, are Panfilo, Filostrato, and Dioneo. Boccaccio focused on the naturalness of sex by combining and interlacing sexual experiences with nature. Eighth Story of the Fifth Day. Although he consulted only French, Italian and Latin sources, some of the tales have their origin in such far-off lands as India, Persia, Spain, and other places.

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Some were already centuries old. Some scholars have suggested that some of the tales for which there is no prior source may still not have been invented by Boccaccio, but may have been circulating in the local oral tradition, with Boccaccio simply the first person known to have recorded them. Boccaccio himself says that he heard some of the tales orally. In VII, 1, for example, he claims to have heard the tale from an old woman who heard it as a child. Most of the stories take place in the 14th century and have been sufficiently updated to the author’s time that a reader may not know that they had been written centuries earlier or in a foreign culture. Still other fictional characters are based on real people, such as the Madonna Fiordaliso from tale II, 5, who is derived from a Madonna Flora who lived in the red light district of Naples.

Another of Boccaccio’s frequent techniques was to make already existing tales more complex. French source than does Boccaccio’s version. English authors such as Chaucer to rework. The table below lists all attempts at a complete English translation of the book. The information on pre-1971 translations is compiled from the G. Introduction to the Fourth Day.

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