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It can be given intravenously in severe hypertensive situations, or by mouth for long term hypertension management. It is also used as an alternative in the treatment of severe hypertension. Studies in katzung and lange pharmacology book pdf animals showed no harm to the fetus.

However, a comparable well-controlled study has not been performed in pregnant women. Prescribers should be cautious in the use of labetalol for nursing mothers. No studies have established safety or usefulness in this population. Labetalol should be dosed with caution in the elderly and counseled on this side effect. This configuration results in strong agonist activity. Labetalol, with its 1-methyl-3-phenylpropyl substituted amine, is greater in size relative to a t-butyl group and therefore acts predominantly as an antagonist. The overall structure of labetalol is very polar.

This was created by substituting the isopropyl group in the standard beta-blocker structure with an aralkyl group, including a carboxamide group on the meta position, and by adding a hydroxyl group on the para position. Labetalol is typically given as a racemic mixture to achieve both alpha and beta receptor blocking activity. The β:α antagonism of labetalol is approximately 3:1. 1- adrenergic, and non-selective for beta-adrenergic receptors. It is about equipotent in blocking both beta1- and beta2- receptors.

Orally, the ratio of alpha to β blockade is 1:3. Thus, the labetalol can be thought to be a beta-blocker with some alpha-blocking effects. Labetalol relaxes vascular smooth muscle by a combination of this partial beta2- agonism and through alpha1- blockade. 1- receptors should decrease heart rate, but labetalol does not.

When labetalol is given in acute situations, it decreases the peripheral vascular resistance and systemic blood pressure while having little effect on the heart rate, cardiac output and stroke volume, despite its alpha1-, beta1- and beta2- blocking mechanism. These effects are mainly seen when the person is in the upright position. Long term labetalol use also has different effects from other beta-blocking drugs. The peripheral vascular resistance decreases when labetalol is first administered. Continuous labetalol use further decreases peripheral vascular resistance. Thus, labetalol is able to reduce heart rate during exercise while maintaining cardiac output by the increase in stroke volume.

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Labetalol was the first drug created that combined both alpha- and beta- adrenergic receptor blocking properties. It was created to potentially fix the compensatory reflex issue that occurred when blocking a single receptor subtype, i. Because the reflex from blocking the single receptor subtypes acted to prevent the lowering of blood pressure, it was postulated that weak blocking of both alpha- and beta- receptors could work together to decrease blood pressure. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier Sciences Publishing Co. Labetalol: a review of its pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, clinical uses and adverse effects”.

Severe pre-eclampsia and hypertensive crises”. Lichen planus and lichenoid dermatoses”. In: Katzung BG, Masters SB, Trevor AJ, eds. Hemodynamic effects of beta-blocking compounds possessing vasodilating activity: a review of labetalol, prizidilol, and dilevalol”.

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