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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program. Comprising two distinct but interrelated plots, the narrative runs back and forth between both plots, taking up each plotline in alternating chapters. Miss Saeki and the intelligent and more welcoming Oshima. The even-numbered chapters tell Nakata’s story. The case of one particular lost cat puts him on a path that ultimately takes him far away from his home, ending up on the road for the first time in his life.

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He befriends a truck driver named Hoshino, who takes him on as a passenger in his truck and soon becomes very attached to the old man. 20s or 30s and have rather humdrum personalities. The power and beauty of music as a communicative medium is one of the central themes of the novel—the very title comes from a song Kafka is given on a record in the library. Metaphysics is also a central theme of the novel as many of the character’s dialogues and soliloquy are motivated by their inquiry about the nature of the world around them and their relation to it. The character’s true given name is never revealed to the reader. Kafka is described as being muscular for his age and a “cool, tall, fifteen-year-old boy lugging a backpack and a bunch of obsessions” .

He’s also the son of the famous sculptor Koichi Tamura. His mother and sister left the family when he was four years old and he can’t remember their faces. Crow tells Kafka throughout the novel that he must be “the toughest fifteen-year-old in the world” and thus motivates him to pursue the journey of running away from home. It is heavily suggested throughout the novel that he, Miss Saeki, and Nakata are somehow connected by an ‘alternate reality’ on which metaphysical objects from people’s subconsciousness takes form leading them to find an ‘essence’ to their lives in exchange for taking away a ‘part’ of their soul. This event is referred to in the novel as the “Rice Bowl Hill incident”.

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