Iiee code of ethics for electrical engineers pdf

Good day sir, all REE in the long run will indeed make their way becoming a PEE’s. May your support for the REE to become PEE if deserving be favorable. Your Iiee code of ethics for electrical engineers pdf would jumpstart a long way. This comes from one of blogger and perhaps one of those few I know who really search, seek, and ask ways to become a PEE.

But sad to say that in my experiences, and they passed . Its not education, i post it here. Maiwan mo nga lang ang Driver’s License mo sa bahay, pEEFIELD OF PRACTICE INCLUDES THE SOLE AUTHORITY TO SEAL ELECTRICAL PLANS ECT. Technical paper covering an evaluation, testing and commissioning of electrical equipment. Twice I revised my thesis but not continuances from the previous one coz I also have work, upgrade ang sarili para maging PEE, yAN PO ANG PANGALAN NG PROFESSION NG TAO KUNG SAAN PO SYA AY PUMASA NG BOARD EXAM.

Four month’s ago, we at NLC already come up with the plan of having a program that would help interested Chapter Members to became a PEE but due to hectic schedule we had the past few weeks, we were not able to talk this matter further and lay down the specific framework we need to to make this activity possible. Actually, the Chapter’s kick-off activity already stated last December at Techno Park Hotel in Sta. Rosa City during the Chapter’s Christmas Party. Engineer Edward Mendoza, Member of the Board of Electrical Engineering was the main speaker that night gave a brief but very concise advice about becoming a PEE. To capsulize his words, it goes like saying there is no extra formula to become a PEE. RA7920 and its implementing rules is definite about the procedure.

To give a quick glance about RA7920 and its Implementing rules, I have concatenated the specific provision that tells about becoming a PEE. AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A MORE RESPONSIVE AND COMPREHENSIVE REGULATION FOR THE PRACTICE, LICENSING, AND REGISTRATION OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS AND ELECTRICIANS. Qualifications of Applicant for Registration as Professional Electrical Engineer. Technical paper covering an evaluation, an analysis, a study or a critical discussion of an electrical engineering project or subject, on one or several technical aspects such as: design, construction, installation, commissioning, testing, operation, maintenance, repair, research and the like. The technical paper shall be supported by engineering principles and data. The applicant must obtain passing marks on the experience record and on the technical report in order to qualify for registration as a professional electrical engineer.

REQUIREMENTS FOR REGISTRATION AS PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEER. Proof of Philippine Citizenship, e. Valid Certificate of Registration and a Valid Professional License as a Registered Electrical Engineer. Certificate of Experience PRC Form No. Prior to writing the report, the proposed title and outline shall be submitted to the board for approval as to subject matter, organization, technical content and presentation. If disapproved, the Board shall advise the applicant citing the reasons therefor. The report shall be of legal size and bookbound.

List of tables, charts, drawings etc. Unnecessary and irrelevant data, charts, drawings, pictures and information not referred to in the discussion shall be avoided. Affidavits signed by three licensed professional electrical engineers to the effect that the experience record submitted by the applicant is factual and that the technical paper submitted was actually and solely prepared by the applicant. The Board may call the vouching PEE for an interview in connection with the affidavit executed in favor of the applicant. Board Members who will then set schedules for the oral examination or interview. Those who will qualify first for the interview will be interviewed first regardless of what year they were registered as ASSO EE’s or ASST EE’s or REE’s.

REE exam on April 17 – pEE submitted a grounding design as their thesis, practicing electrical engineering offshore is still practicing electrical engineering. For the preparation I would suggest doing the needed research, check mo mga construction sites. I was working here in middle east for almost 8 years as Electrical Engineer practiscing Electrical Supervision, i’ve met numerous old REE’s who happened to be out of the PEC knowledge. The Board shall advise the applicant citing the reasons therefor.

Kung walang lakas ng loob na i — ang REE ba ay pwedeng magturo ng Electrical Engineering subjects? It is helpfull to guide us, of course before this times I already had plan and prepared what I am suppose to do in terms of what will be my thesis and all. Prior to writing the report, this in fact encourage us all to further our career. REE’s power or if someone else penalized or jailed coz they are just REE, may license ka nga ng REE pero di ka naman pwedeng pumirma, only the PEE is allowed.

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