Hp alm 11.5 tutorial pdf

Torrentz will always love you. Learn HP Quality Center in 7 days with our in-depth Tutorials. I’m sure after reading these HP Hp alm 11.5 tutorial pdf Center Tutorials you should be able to start using it on your live projects! After this series, we have received many requests to cover HP Quality Center tutorials.

So from today, we are starting QC tutorial series. QC test management software online training in 7 in-depth tutorials. Again, Swati Seela, our guest author for QTP, is helping us for these tutorials. It’s recommended you read these tutorials sequentially. I’m sure, once you are done with reading, you won’t need any other training to start using this tool on your live projects. QC introduction, installing ALM, and understanding different components. Before being called HP Quality center it used to be Mercury Test Director.

It is a very simple tool to use, extremely user-friendly. Even if you have never used it before, chances are you will be able to figure out how to in a really short time. However, there is a lot of difference between being able to navigate through the tool and being able to exploit its potential to benefit your project. So here is a tutorial to easily learn Quality Center capabilities and use them successfully. QC Trial: The current version of HP ALM is 11. It is a little tricky to install it on your local machine. But you will be able to do so if you have a compatible machine and understand the components ALM has.

Each component has a certain version that is compatible with ALM. ALM helps make project management, from requirements to deployment easier. It increases predictability and creates a framework to manage projects from a central repository. Define and maintain requirements and tests.

Integrate ALM with HP testing tools other third party tools for a complete automation experience. Enter the username and password. The Domain and Project fields get activated. Depending on your login credentials you have access to certain projects.

Once you are logged in, ALM window opens up and displays the module in which you were working last. Example: Banking, Retail, Health Care etc. For example in a Retail project, they could be working on the front end store Point of sale app or the back-end inventory module. The Domain and Project information is set by the ALM Admin. The user domain, Project and user information is displayed on the upper right-hand corner. It contains the components from the ALM flow.

ALM is all about these components and we will learn what each one is for. Even though Dashboard is the first in the list, we will discuss it last in our series, simply because it is an overall monitoring feature and it will be more practical to see the data that we actually create. QC training by taking an example of Gmail application. This session will cover what HP ALM can do for your project and how best you can manage all your testing related activities at one place. As always, we appreciate your feedback. QC is works with QTP10. Please tell how to install QC on Windows XP.

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Good Artical about Application Life cycle Management. Very nice article to learn for everybody. It will be nice to refresh with this tutorial ! I am a fresher,please tell me more about Quality center and the interview question based on QC. Sahil: We are coming up with an article for QC installation.

If you follow the steps in that you can install it easily. For QTP integration you will need a QTP add in for QC. Naresh gupta: There is not much of a feature change in the new version than the earlier one, it is only an enhancement. New enhancements are: emails from test instances and test runs. Ability to send parameter values in an email. There are other changes w. Anybody knows QTP Certification centers in Kerala ?

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