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Curing can be traced back to antiquity, and was the primary way of preserving meat and fish until the late 19th century. They also contribute to the characteristic pink color. Most meats cannot be kept at room temperature in excess of a few days without spoiling. If kept in excess of this how to smoke cure in the wild pdf, meat begins to change colour and exude a foul odour, indicating the decomposition of the food.

While the short shelf life of fresh meat does not pose a significant problem when access to it is easy and supply is abundant, in times of scarcity and famine, or when the meat must be carried over long voyages, it spoils very quickly. In such circumstances the usefulness of preserving foods containing nutritional value for transport and storage is obvious. Curing can significantly extend the life of meat before it spoils, by making it inhospitable to the growth of spoilage microbes. Sur un fond noir se détache le profil ocre d’un jeune homme tenant de la main gauche le groin d’une tête de porc posée sur un tabouret, et de la droite un long couteau, haut levé et près à s’abattre sur la hure. Young man preparing a pig’s head after a sacrifice. Several sources describe the salting of meat in the ancient Mediterranean world. A trade in salt meat occurred across ancient Europe.

Rome in large quantities, where it was sold in different cuts: rear cuts, middle cuts, hams, and sausages. This meat, after having been salted with the greatest care, was sometime smoked. These goods had to have been considerably important, since they fed part of the Roman people and the armies. Their herds of sheep and pigs were so many, they could provide skins and salt meat not only for Rome, but also for most of Italy.

In Europe, medieval cuisine made great use of meat and vegetables, and the guild of butchers was amongst the most powerful. In the 16th century, the most fashionable pâtés were of woodcock, au bec doré, chapon, beef tongue, cow feet, sheep feet, chicken, veal, and venison. Derrière une grille de métal, des barils sont couchés, empilés en trois étages et cette pyramide se termine par des tonneaux de bœuf salé. In the 18th century, salted Irish beef, transported in barrels, was considered finest. Scientific research on meat by chemists and pharmacists led to the creation of a new, extremely practical product: meat extract, which could appear in different forms. It also led to continuing technological innovation. 1857 was so hot that most butchers refused to slaughter animals and charcutiers lost considerable amounts of meat, due to inadequate conservation methods.

A member of the Academy of Medicine and his son issued a 34-page summary of works printed between 1663 and 1857, which proposed some solutions: not less than 91 texts exist, of which 64 edited for only the years between 1851 and 1857. In addition, salt causes the soluble meat proteins to come to the surface of the meat particles within sausages. Nitrates and nitrites not only help kill bacteria, but also produce a characteristic flavor and give meat a pink or red color. Nitrite salts are most often used in curing. The effect is seen for red or processed meat, but not for white meat or fish. United States, the concentration of nitrates and nitrites is generally limited to 200 ppm or lower.

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If the smoke is hot enough to slow-cook the meat, it will also keep it tender. It can be done in combination with other curing methods such as salting. Smoke roasting and hot smoking cook the meat while cold smoking does not. If the meat is cold smoked, it should be dried quickly to limit bacterial growth during the critical period where the meat is not yet dry. The improvement of methods of meat preservation, and of the means of transport of preserved products, has notably permitted the separation of areas of production and areas of consumption, which can now be distant without it posing a problem, permitting the exportation of meats.

12 to 16 weeks, which would be a sufficient duration for it to reach Europe by boat. Before, meat from New Zealand was frozen, thus had a much lower value on European shelves. With the arrival of the new “chilled” meats, New Zealand could compete even more strongly with local producers of fresh meat. The use of controlled atmosphere to avoid the depreciation which affects frozen meat is equally useful in other meat markets, such as that for pork, which now also enjoys an international trade. Historical Origins of Food Preservation. XIX, 19 cité par Koehler, 1832, p. 6th series, book I, Imp.

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