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Attuning to Your Inner Wisdom with Eben Alexander, M. A Short Guide to a Long Life with David Agus, M. And it’s a way for viewers to directly support creators whose work they enjoy. Vimeo is an amazing video service for original creative work, but it’s also a company with real human employees. Transformers Super-God Masterforce DVD cover art. April 12, 1988 to March 7, 1989 for 42 episodes. UK a few years later.

On May 1, 2012, the series was released on DVD in the US. Transformers doing it for them. The Decepticon Pretenders tend to remain being large monsters, unless they battle in their robot forms. Most of the Godmasters would be adults with the exception of Clouder who is about the same age as the Junior Headmasters.

Devil Z for the final battle and for the Autobots comes Grand Maximus who has a Pretender guise and is Fortress Maximus’ younger brother. Cancer of the Headmaster Junior Decepticons as a gift from Lady Mega. The Decepticons also had the Targetmaster Seacons under their command, but like the Pretenders, they were sentient robots and didn’t require humans to operate them. The story basically tells the efforts of the heroic Autobot forces as they protect the Earth from the Decepticons. Only this time round, human characters played a more important role then in other Transformers series. Transformers are, even though they have been public figures for over two decades.

Most of these facts would all be revealed later in made-for-video clip shows and other media, including a Special Secrets episode where both Goh and Grand Maximus would explain and reveal several pieces of trivia about the show. US, because of their poor quality. English-equivalent names are used for the characters, so throughout the series, the clearly human Ginrai is referred to as “Optimus Prime”, and the little blonde girl called Minerva is referred to by the inappropriate name “Nightbeat”. For the Shout Factory release, the Cybertrons are still referred to as Autobots and the Destrons are still known as the Decepticons, and many of the characters are given the names of the American releases of their toys.

Masami Kaneda and illustrated by Ban Magami. A cruise ship is sailing along peacefully when it is attacked by the Decepticon Pretenders Bomb-Burst, Submarauder, and their Seacon drones. Meanwhile, in Japan, young Shuta is participating in a soccer match and being cheered on by his father and their friend Hawk, who soon receive a message informing them of Decepticon activities. Recognizing his old foes, Hawk reveals to Shuta that he is in fact Metalhawk, an Autobot and a member of a Transformers group known as the Pretenders with the ability to take on the appearance of living things. He and his fellow Autobot Pretenders defeated Bomb-Burst, Submarauder, and their comrade Skullgrin thousands of years ago after taking on human form while the Decepticon Pretenders adopted demonic appearances, and trapped the three across the globe. The trio, now having escaped their prisons, reunite and have their Tentakil drones attack Japan, which prompts Metalhawk to summon his comrades Waverider, Cloudburst, and Landmine before going into action, only to be followed by Shuta. A confrontation between him and the Decepticons soon ensues, with the outnumbered Metalhawk faring poorly and Shuta ending up being captured and held hostage.

Fortunately, the other Autobots arrive just in time to turn the tide and save Shuta, destroying the Tentakils and driving off the Decepticon Pretenders. The Decepticon Pretenders raid a hospital morgue and steal a number of corpses, which Bomb-Burst animates through some dark means to create zombie minions for the Decepticon Pretenders. These creatures-known as Destroids-attack and prove more than a match for human law enforcement, but are swiftly handled by the Autobot Pretenders and disappear after being active a short time. Realizing that utilizing reanimated humans is a poor strategy, the Decepticons set their sights on living humans, and choose the small island nation of Karin to capture their new minions. Prince Cab, heir to the throne of Karin, soon learns of their activities and the Autobots existence after the latter arrive with Shuta in answer to reports of Decepticon activity in the area. Learning that the Decepticons have violated the sacred Island of the Gods, Cab goes alone to confront them only to be captured and taken to where a number of his countrymen are being held captive.

He manages to escape and then witnesses the arrival of the Autobots, who defeat the Decepticons once again and drive them off. At the urging of Cab’s grandfather, the Autobots offer to take Cab with them to Japan where he has been accepted at the International School, and Cab willingly accepts. Unfortunately, Bomb-Burst has taken advantage of the absence of three of the Headmasters to attack the observatory where Shuta lives with his father, leveling it and leaving the Professor badly wounded and trapped under rubble with Landmine. The Autobots, Shuta, and Cab soon relocate to their new hidden base, prepared to continue the fight against the Decepticons. They soon learn of a second flight being attacked, and upon investigating learn from a young passenger named Minerva that Bomb-Burst was responsible for this attack as well.

The passengers of the first flight then appear in Rome as Destroids, attacking the city and causing havoc, which prompts the Autobots to travel there and use anesthesia to knock them out. They then confront the Decepticon Pretenders, who have been discussing their plans for a biologist who was known to have been aboard one of the two flights, and force the three to retreat. The Autobots board a flight with Minerva, her parents, and the biologist, which is then attacked by Bomb-Burst in flight, leading Metalhawk and Cloudburst to confront him and resulting in Minerva learning the Autobots’ secret. The stewardess aboard the flight turns into a Destroid as well and tries to take over the flight, but Shuta and Cab manage to subdue her after a considerable struggle and the Autobots save the plane after defeating Bomb-Burst and his Seawing drones. Arriving safely in Japan, the biologist proves to have the knowledge of how to cure the Destroids, and Minerva is invited to study at the International School with Shuta and Cab.

Metalhawk discusses the numerous unexplained occurrences in Earth’s history, which the Autobots have long feared may be tied to Decepticon activity on Earth. After the boys express their strong desire to help the Autobots, Metalhawk invites them to the Autobot base after school, and they are unexpectedly joined by Minerva after sharing the news with her. The three children are then given Master Bracelets, which allow them to tap into the power of Masterforce and gain robotic armor, making them the Headmaster Juniors with the ability to transform. Gifted with incredible speed and strength, the boys are quickly amazed, but then learn that the Masterforce is not intended for revenge and that their bracelets will be reclaimed if they take that path. The children then receive Transtector vehicles-Cab a fire truck, Shuta a police car, and Minerva an ambulance-that they are able to drive using the Masterforce. The three are then informed that they have the ability to transform into robots just as the Autobot Pretenders can become humans, with the intention of them becoming a rescue team to protect the people of Earth. Unbeknownst to them, the Decepticons have recruited their own monstrous Headmaster Juniors-Fangry, Horri-Bull, and Squeezeplay-whom they soon unleash upon a nearby city.

Headmasters was able to provide them with the Transtectors the children are now using, but several were stolen on their way to Earth-the ones now being used by the Decepticons. The Autobots soon launch into action, with the Headmster Jrs. Pretenders engage the Decepticon forces. Shuta is soon confronted by the Decepticon Headmaster Jrs. Metalhawk, who fortunately arrives in time to keep things from escalating.

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