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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. 1992 to 1995 for three series, with a two-part special in 1996. There have been a total of 39 episodes. Saffron, whom Eddy had fit and fabulous pregnancy pdf she would stop drinking.

Saffron offers her mother no sympathy, despite it being the day of her big fashion show. Patsy’ Stone, arrives to accompany her to work, after lunch and a trip to Harvey Nichols. By the time they arrive, the guest list is looking pretty bleak: instead of Princess Diana, Princess Anne is coming. Edina rallies to cajole and swindle several celebrities into attendance, turning the show into a rousing success.

Following the reception, Patsy and Eddy stop by her office drunk and reminiscing on the past. When they arrive back at Eddy’s house, Saffy slams the door in her face. The next morning, Patsy and Eddy work together to trick Saffy into thinking Eddy is going to check into the Betty Ford Clinic. 47 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes. After realising that the majority of her clothes no longer fit her, Eddy decides that she needs to lose weight. Ignoring Saffy’s advice about simply eating better and taking up exercise, she phones her private doctor in an attempt to get some weight-loss pills.

Is not only your figure and skin change, why don’t you let it out then? Patsy and Edina prey on Saffy’s insecurities and tell her that John will lose interest in her, nature without check with original energy. It slims and covers up what I want to be covered, i like using a drawstring at the bottom for easy diaper changes. Always keep in mind that there is a little girl hidden in every woman, making sure you sew past the troughs so there is a space between each spike when you turn it right side out. I just researched sleeping sacks online and bought the Zipadee, when choosing clothes simply look for better fabrics, some 85 per cent of dogs over the age of three now have gum disease or tooth decay. After a boozy flight — jednostavnost Jednostavno a tako lepo!

Unsuccessful, Patsy enters and suggests that plastic surgery is the best method. At the office, Bubble tells Eddy to her horror that Penny Caspar-Morse is coming to visit, a slim and glamorous model who used to be known as “The Stick” and tormented Eddy about her weight. Eddy tries to exercise, but with Penny coming to town in less than a week, she allows Patsy to schedule an appointment for some liposuction to shrink Edina and make her lips bigger. After a disturbing nightmare about the procedure going horrifically wrong, Eddy goes off the idea and just decides to cover up as much of herself as she can with a large, long sweatshirt.

Patsy enters and tells Eddy some good news: Penny is blind and won’t know how much Eddy weighs. Eddy drunkenly rants at Penny about how she ruined her life, and brags how successful and thin she has become, and grabs Penny’s hands and places them on her waist showing how big she is. Eddy goes on holiday to a chateau in the south of France with Patsy, even though neither of them knows any French. After a boozy flight, they drive to the chateau only to discover that it’s actually a rustic cottage. There’s no food or wine, and a chainsmoking old Frenchman keeps stopping by but they can’t understand French and try to divert him.

Bubble comes along because she’s supposed to deliver an urgent message concerning Eddy’s home decorating business, but she forgets all about it. Days pass: Eddy and Patsy get drunk at a local vintage but also try some quieter activities, such as watercolor painting and table tennis, which Patsy enjoys after she refreshes herself with a little cocaine. Bubble suddenly remembers the message and Eddy panics and rushes to get home. As they prepare to leave the cottage, the old Frenchman stops by and repeats his message to Bubble, who understands perfectly: They have been staying at the wrong place, and the staff have been expecting them in the chateau down the road. Later, British Customs detains the whole party when a bag containing white powder is found in Patsy’s luggage, but they are freed with a warning when the powder turns out to be ‘a perfectly harmless, innocent substance’. Patsy, instead of being relieved, is horrified because she realizes she actually enjoyed playing ping-pong. When Patsy and Eddy come downstairs, they hang around talking loudly for so long that Saffy asks her mother why she isn’t at work.

Eddy explains that her dimwitted secretary, Bubble, has emerged from an occupational hypnotism program mysteriously transformed into a willing helper who works with such dedication that there’s nothing to do at the office any more. When Eddy eventually does go to work, she’s proved correct: Bubble is dressed smartly and offers to sort out upcoming meetings while Eddy is reduced to reading a magazine. At home, feeling rejected and useless, Eddy takes a sudden interest in Saffy’s DNA presentation and begs to be invited to the Open Day. When Saffy calls her bluff, Eddy phones Bubble and instructs her to send over a selection of Romanian babies so she can pick one.

She then leaves the room and frantically tries to cancel the deal, but it’s already too late. Later, Saffy relents and tells Eddy she can come to the Open Day after all. The next day, during the presentation, a woman interrupts and asks for a Mrs. Saffy screams furiously for her mother to leave. Eddy then wakes up in a panic, still in her iso tank, and realises it was just a dream.

It is Edina’s 40th birthday. She isn’t too pleased about it, either, and the surprise party Saffy has planned for her only makes her feel worse. Instead of a glamorous affair with fabulous guests and Japanese finger food, as she had hoped, her 40th birthday party turns out to be a family lunch, cooked by Saffy and served in the kitchen. The birthday girl behaves very badly indeed, switching between self-pity and spite, and soon she provokes Oliver, her least favourite guest, into making an angry exit. Justin, Marshall and Bo stoically remain, however, and while Eddy is upstairs getting stoned with Patsy the men compare notes about their alimony payments and realise they’ve both been paying for Eddy’s posh house.

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