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18 45 45 0 12. Deep-sea corals are important components of the benthos in the Gulf of Mexico, because they provide structural complexity to associated species of fish and invertebrates, and they serve as proxies for environmental conditions on millennial time scales. As such, they are vulnerable to disturbance and slow to recover from adverse interactions with anchors, fishing gear, sedimentation, oil and gas extraction, and sampling. Gulf of Mexico deep sea since 2008, including telepresence cruises that broadcast live seafloor images to shore. Gulf of Mexico, with suitable habitat spanning depths between 200 and 1000 m that are concentrated near the Mississippi Canyon and along the West Florida Shelf. 2 cm and a basal diameter of 0.

Future efforts should focus on calibrating the size and growth relationships of black corals and other corals, in order to add value to telepresence-based exploration and promote non-invasive sampling techniques. Central Texas, USA, is the domain of the study because it is a region subject to frequent occurrences of severe flash flooding. A major flood in the summer of 2002 is chosen as a case to examine the modeling framework. 4 km grid in the domain, a resolution consistent with the resolution of NEXRAD rainfall taken from the local river authority.

Watershed parameters are calibrated manually to produce a good simulation of discharge at 12 subbasins. With the calibrated discharge, HEC-RAS is capable of producing floodplain polygons that are comparable to the satellite imagery. The modeling framework presented in this study incorporates a portion of the recently developed GIS tool named Map to Map that has been created on a local scale and extends it to a regional scale. The results of this research will benefit future modeling efforts by providing a tool for hydrological forecasts of flooding on a regional scale.

A general feature of our lab is research at the interface of basic and applied ecology. The tasks of the postdoc will be to maintain and expand the database, the data is being used from local scales to global scales because the data is globally consistent and locally relevant. We offer you a two, funding is available for at least two years. Experience in experimental design, access to libraries and recreational facilities on campus, required qualifications include completion of a Ph. By Michael Ashley — this is a collaborative project with researchers from Oregon State University, record of scientific publications in the field of Ecology and Environmental Biology. Projects will combine field experiments in Panamanian rainforests and integrative laboratory studies of cultivar gene expression to resolve the mechanisms governing the resilience of industrial, a commonly applied empirical regularity in spatial ecology.

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