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Final Fantasy Mystic US boxart. In the game, the player controls a youth named Benjamin in his quest to save the world. His goal is to reclaim a set of stolen crystals that determine the state of the world’s four elemental powers. The gameplay takes a departure from the main series in a variety of ways. The game received middling reviews and sales in North America and Japan, citing its simplified gameplay and lack of depth in the game’s story. The game features a unique way of traveling the world map.

In the Falls Basin, for example, players must move pillars of ice across the ground level in such a fashion that they can be used as platforms to jump across on the second level. If all character life bars reach zero, the game is over, but the player is given the option of continuing and restarting the battle. If the player chooses this option, however, the main character’s attack power may suffer temporarily as a penalty. In the absence of random enemy encounters, battlefields are scattered across the world map.

Players are immediately thrust into a battle when entering a battlefield, and must win ten enemy battles to “clean out” the battlefield. Once a battlefield is cleaned out, players are awarded either a large amount of experience, a large amount of GP, a piece of armor, or a magic spell. Instead, newly acquired armor replaces the main character’s current equipment, or upgrades a current version of a weapon, e. Using the L and R buttons allows the user to cycle through the weapons that have been collected so far. Benjamin uses four types of weapons: swords, axes, bombs, and claws. Although the weapons share a similar function in battle, all have different purposes when exploring the field map.

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Instead, the main character acquires magic spells through treasure chests or as a reward for clearing out battlefields. The allotted number for each type increases as a character levels up. Items in the game are analogous to the spells. Foresta, Aquaria, Fireburg, and Windia. The welfare of each region is determined by the state of one of four shining crystals: earth, water, fire, and wind, respectively. For centuries the Focus Tower had stood at the heart of the world.

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