Dynamics of fluids in porous media bear pdf

Images of two fluid phases in porous networks were obtained using NMR micro-imaging. Structural dynamics of fluids in porous media bear pdf and convergence rates of two fluid components were analyzed. Convergence rates correlate with the geometric factor and transport property.

The effect of the structural heterogeneity of porous networks on the water distribution in porous media, initially saturated with immiscible fluid followed by increasing durations of water injection, remains one of the important problems in hydrology. We then established the relationships among the convergence rates, structural parameters, and transport properties of porous networks. The volume fraction of the water phase increases as the water injection duration increases. The 3D images of the water distributions for silica gel samples are similar to those of the glass bead samples.

The convergence rates of all of the properties are inversely proportional to the entropy length and permeability. These results indicate that the convergence rates correlate with the geometric factor that characterizes the porous networks and transport property of the porous networks. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Reynolds numbers and a Forchheimer equation for high Reynolds number laminar flow.

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Recent homogenization studies show that the weak inertia correction to Darcy’s law is not a square term in velocity, as it is in the Forchheimer equation, but instead a cubic term in velocity. By imposing that the pressure loss is invariant under flow reversion, it has been shown that the weak inertia equation is valid even for anisotropic media. We show, by using the homogenization technique, that the weak inertia equation is valid for any anisotropic matrix symmetry without imposing a reversed flow symmetry. For the second problem, we reexamine published data. A spline may be applied in the crossover regime.

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