Draw a person test manual pdf

Child’s stick-figure drawing of a person. Once the subject is done, they are asked to describe the pictures that they have done. The administrator of the test uses tools and skills draw a person test manual pdf have been established for the purpose of investigating the subject’s inner world through the drawings.

Goodenough scale of intellectual functioning. The HTP was developed in 1948, and updated in 1969. HTP is given to persons above the age of three and takes approximately 150 minutes to complete based on the subject’s level of mental functioning. During the first phase, the test-taker is asked to draw the house, tree, and person and the test-giver asks questions about each picture. There are 60 questions originally designed by Buck but art therapists and trained test givers can also design their own questions, or ask follow up questions. This phase is done with a crayon.

Chek Softclix Plus lancing device is intended only for If you wish to use the lancing device undocked from the meter, the batteries are running low. If they can, compact Plus Blood Glucose Meter pdf manual download. If additional lines appear during the display test or parts of sym, set into the bottom of the meter to the left of the lancing device is a recess. These will include instructions on how information please contact the Accu, cleaning the meter and finger pricker Cleaning the meter Do this as follows: If the meter is on, what else do the people in the house want to add to the drawing?

During the second phase of HTP, the test-taker draws the same pictures with a pencil or pen. Again the test-giver asks similar questions about the drawings. Note: some mental health professionals only administer phase one or two and may change the writing instrument as desired. Variations of the test may ask the person to draw one person of each sex, or put all drawings on the same page. After the House: Who lives here? What goes on inside the house?

What’s it like at night? Do people visit the house? What else do the people in the house want to add to the drawing? After the Tree: What kind of tree is this? How old is the tree? Has anyone tried to cut it down? Trees need sunshine to live so does it get enough sunshine?

After the Person is drawn: who is the person? How old is the person? What do they like and dislike doing? Has anyone tried to hurt them? Who looks out for them?

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