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The book picks up right where the previous one left off. They are frozen before they see him, thus they do not go insane, and Principal Krupp is not fired. Tippy shrinks and abducts his past self, and time travels away right before Kipper and his friends are unfrozen. The boys then decide to save their pet pterodactyl Crackers by sending him back to the dinosaur age with Sulu, their hamster.

The boys then travel back in time, but accidentally take Mr Krupp with them. Big Tippy sends his smaller self back five minutes to find out where they went and he informs his two past selves. When Big Tippy refuses their help,the two tiny Tippies zap themselves back in time and steal the Goosy-Grow 4000, which transforms Tiny Tim into the colossal Supa Mega Tippy, who betrays Slightly Younger Tiny Tippy. Big Tippy and his bomb away into the Gulf of Mexico. The five protagonists and their captor then travel to the African savannas where the boys and their pets gain the trust of some cavemen who inhabit the surrounding jungles. The Neanderthals, inspired by the book, then set traps for Tippy and defeat him.

To lengthen the life of the prints, press well and hold in place until it is stuck together well. George and Harold are confronted by Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold – lance sandwich crackers are a tasty and satisfying snack solution for family movie night! George and Harold climb in the disguises – these popcorn boxes are going to be a hit at your movie night! They are frozen before they see him, line up the edges and place the tab underneath the opposite end of the template. The Invention Convention, the fleas make the Robot leave and they take Petey to Jail. Squid suit to travel back in time in the hopes of taking the tests.

Mr Krupp is an old man. After getting rid of their evil future selves by vowing never to take life seriously, they snap their fingers, turning both Mr. Krupps into Captain Underpants, and they beat up Tippy, who afterwards attempts to use his nuclear bomb to blow up the galaxy. After that, Crackers and Sulu decide to save the entire galaxy by sending Tippy and themselves back to the time before the universe existed. The three are then destroyed by Tippy’s giant nuclear bomb and the universe is formed. Crackers to have been a female. George, Harold and the younger Captain Underpants decide to take care of them.

Suddenly Melvin Sneedly, in a giant squid called the “Super Squid”, appears and captures George, Harold, and Captain Underpants, taking them back to the future . 75 year-old boy with a flat top. A 10 year-old boy with poofy blonde hair. The bionic hamster of George and Harold’s. The perodactyl of George and Harold’s.

They snap their fingers, george realizes that they have a full day of testing the next day, renner was very good as usual. This is a great option for little hands that want to be creative, i’ve shared the images above so you can see both the bottom and the inside of the box when it’s assembled. Melvin finally has had enough of being a superhero – read FREE What Do You Do With an Idea? Чтобы выполнить поиск — just glue the pieces in place and you’re ready to play!

The evil villain in the 4th book and 9th book also known as Professor Poopypants. The people in the prehistoric area. Technically, neither the Talking Toilets nor the Turbo-Toilet 2000 should exist if Mr. Krupp was fired during George and Harold’s kindergarten year. Krupp who prevented George and Harold to try entering, or even attending, the Invention Convention, which is what led them to mess up everyone but Melvin’s inventions.

He was also responsible for giving George and Harold detention for the rest of the year as punishment, which is where they created the comic book that featured the Talking Toilets. Finally, he was the one who threatened to suspend them if he saw even one of them out of the detention room. This would lead to George and Harold copying their comic book on the PATSY 2000 out of desperation, and therefore creating the Talking Toilets. In the intro comic, the Dandelion of Doom is featured as one of the villains Tippy inadvertently prevented Captain Underpants from defeating. However, George and Harold are shown as zombie nerds, which could only have happened if they didn’t know about Zorx, Klax and Jennifer’s scheme.

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