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Raava’s Avatar – the spiritual embodiment of balance and resistance to change – responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in the world. Nickelodeon on April 14, 2012. Republic City, where she first experiences independence after living a secluded life of training, led by the Order of the White Lotus. Korra’s romantic struggles lead to difficulty with the pro-bending team, which the group recovers from to successfully win their match and make it to the finals, where they are defeated and Amon strikes with his group of followers, the Equalists.

Bolin and Mako to live with her, forming a team with the group that Councilman Tarrlok breaks up by arresting the others and revealing himself as a bloodbender in an encounter with Korra where he subdues her. She is locked in a secluded cabin that holds her for a short time before she breaks out once it is ambushed by Amon and his Equalists, the group launching an assault on Republic City that Korra and the others are overpowered in, forcing them to retreat until General Iroh and the United Forces come to the city as reinforcements, who are also overwhelmed. Following saving Tenzin and his children and seemingly losing her bending of three of the elements to Amon, Korra engages in a battle with Amon where she emerges victorious thanks to her airbending, having the other elements restored by Aang and in doing so gaining the power to restore bending as well. Anti-bending Revolution, Korra learns from her uncle Unalaq of her seclusion being set by both Tenzin and her father, causing her to break off with Tenzin and have Unalaq become her mentor. Her actions prompt a civil war between the Southern and Northern Water Tribes, Korra afterward making a move to have General Iroh’s assistance without President Raiko’s authority, which Mako reveals to Raiko. Korra loses consciousness after an attack by her cousins Desna and Eska and a dark spirit swallowing her. Spirit World to prevent Vaatu’s escape with the aid of Jinora.

Northern spirit portal per Unalaq’s request in exchange for Jinora’s soul not being destroyed by him. In another confrontation not long after, Korra destroys Unalaq by purifying him, ending the Civil War and ushering the coexistence of humans and spirits. Earth Queen Hou-Ting had been training underground to join her army. Zaheer, Ghazan, P’Li and Ming-Hua though she is saved by her allies. Spirit World after him, where she learns Zaheer and his followers are part of the Red Lotus from the latter.

Though managing to escape the Red Lotus, she is captured by Earth Kingdom soldiers, the Earth Queen having declared Korra an enemy. Korra is forced to give herself up so Zaheer will not harm the captive airbenders. Avatar State and be killed in it to end the Avatar Cycle. She breaks free and is able to combat Zaheer while battling the poison, though succumbs to it before Suyin bends it out of her, Korra being left in a fragile emotional state and being confined to a wheelchair as well. Korra returns to the Southern Water Tribe to recuperate under Katara’s care for two-and-a-half years, regaining her ability to walk but losing her ability to enter the Avatar State.

She then travels the world though is haunted by a spirit of herself, even losing to it in battle. Korra duels her and loses her advantage when being haunted once more, being saved by Jinora and Opal. Korra soon begins doubting her effectiveness as Avatar prior to Asami and Tenzin encouraging her. Kuvira’s fiancé, nearly being killed when the Future Industries factory they are in is destroyed by Kuvira. After convincing Kuvira to surrender following showing sympathy with her motivations, she begins a romantic relationship with Asami. Korra and Asami spend time in the Spirit World exploring their romantic feelings for each other.

The pair travel to the Southern Water Tribe to reveal their relationship to Korra’s parents. Upon returning to Republic City, Korra attempts to stop tycoon Wongyong Keum’s plans to form an amusement park on the land surrounding the Spirit Portal, which has angered the spirits. Korra also tries to reassure and help the people whose homes were destroyed during Kuvira’s assault. Korra helps the Air Nomads when the Triple Threat triad, on Keum’s orders, attempt to drive them away from the Spirit Portal. Korra tries to convince the spirits to stay out of the battle, but is distracted when Asami is nearly killed in the fighting, allowing the dragon-eel spirit to attack the Triple Threat’s new leader, Tokuga. She has her bending abilities taken away from her at the beginning of the game and she has to regain them as it progresses. Naga and Jinora, to make an appearance in the game’s story mode, which earned it criticism.

Gallery Nucleus with its proceeds donated by Konietzko to a LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline. After same-sex marriage was declared legal in all 50 states of the U. Konietzko posted a rainbow version of the artwork. Korra and her predecessor Aang will be featured on a print available for attendees of the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, she was indirectly inspired by one of Bryan Konietzko’s sisters. Instead of the young, spiritual Aang, Korra is a more physical character who has trouble grasping the spiritual side of being the Avatar while being able to already bend three elements at the age of four.

In contrast, Aang takes a while to master each of the elements, but connects with the spirit world instantaneously. Korra’s name was settled long after her character was imagined. The name was kept, and only changed in spelling. The creators felt the second season was built around Korra becoming more in-tuned with her spiritual side, reinforcing their belief that a giant spirit version of herself would be the “ultimate manifestation”. Konietzko admitted that the idea of a romantic relationship between Korra and Asami had been discussed by the creators during production of season one, but had not been given much weight due to assumptions that the show would not be permitted to openly depict a same-sex relationship. As development of the last two seasons went on and Korra and Asami’s friendship progressed, “the more the idea of a romance between them organically blossomed for ,” and so the show started hinting at the possibility of such a relationship.

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