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Use of regalia by monarchs in England can be traced back to its early history. 12th-century anointing spoon, which is the oldest object in the collection, and three early 17th-century swords. India, has featured on three consort crowns. 1831 a new crown has been made specially for each queen consort. Tower of London, where they are seen by 2. At this point, crowns were symbols of authority worn by religious and military leaders. King Æthelstan presenting an illuminated manuscript to St Cuthbert, c.

One of the methods used by regional kings to solidify their authority over their territories was the use of ceremony and insignia. Christian ceremony had been established, and regalia took on a religious identity. Whether or not they wore such an item is open to question. Coins are unreliable because the portraits were often generic or copied from overseas coins. English king to be crowned with an actual crown, and a sceptre was also introduced into the ceremony for his coronation in 973.

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