Critical thinking about research psychology and related fields pdf

To what critical thinking about research psychology and related fields pdf do culture-related factors influence university students’ critical thinking use? Critical thinking correlated with self-efficacy, locomotion, assessment, and independence. Auckland students scored higher in self-efficacy, locomotion, and independence.

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Okinawa students scored higher in interdependence. No differences were found between the groups on measures of critical thinking. Self-construal, regulatory mode, and self-efficacy appear to influence critical thinking use. This study sought to elucidate some aspects of the relationship between culture and critical thinking by examining whether a number of culture-related factors might relate to university students’ reported use of critical thinking. The participants were 363 undergraduate university students from Kyoto and Okinawa in Japan, and Auckland in New Zealand. Critical thinking use was found to correlate with study self-efficacy, locomotion, assessment, and independent self-construal.

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In contrast, the Okinawa students scored higher than the other two groups in interdependent self-construal. No differences were found between the groups on reported critical thinking use. A model, which produced an acceptable fit to the data, is proposed in which self-construal influences regulatory mode and study self-efficacy, and these in turn influence critical thinking. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

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