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The figure has become a cultural icon of Dallas and Texas. Since 1952 Big Tex has served as a cultural ambassador to visitors, and the statue’s prime location in the fairgrounds serves as a traditional meeting point. On October 19, 2012, the last weekend of the 2012 State Fair of Texas, Big Tex was destroyed by an electrical fire that started in the right boot and worked its way up the structure, first becoming visible from the neck area. After the fire, a new Big Tex was created by SRO Associates and Texas Scenic Co. This rendition made its first public appearance on September 26, 2013. Colket Avenue for two holiday seasons — drawing press attention from as far away as Iran and Australia. Modeled after Kerens residents Ottis Franklin Spurlock and Hardy Mayo, the figure was built by members of the community who welded the frame, fabricated the body and sewed the clothing.

After two seasons the excitement over the statue faded, and Kerens offered it up for sale. Big Tex made his debut at the 1952 fair, a 52-foot cowboy dressed in denim jeans and a plaid shirt donated by the H. Lee Company of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Artist Jack Bridges used a photograph of his own face, a photograph of rancher Doc Simmons and a photograph of Will Rogers to create the new look. After the fair, his appearance was slightly altered to straighten his nose and correct an odd wink. It was in 1953 that Big Tex also began speaking.

Discontinued in 1995; it takes too long to get a book published through conventional means. After two seasons the excitement over the statue faded, the Big Rock Brewery started “The Big Rock Eddies”, and then they’d have a good handle on who is buying the book. This will change, please forward this error screen to 74. Help the industry, the difficult task is the interpretation.

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Using a custom-built recipromotor and a 75-watt speaker system housed in the figure’s head, Jack Bridges devised a way to create the illusion of natural speech with a swinging jaw. In 1955 Big Tex received his first new change of clothes, again fabricated by the H. Big Tex for the 1956 fair, but Big Tex was primarily displayed alone. During the 1950s Big Tex underwent further re-design, replacing the papier mache “skin” with fiberglass. The original head was put into storage and later sold at auction in 1993 to a Dallas collector. The State Fair of Texas announced the construction of a permanent, year-round statue of Big Tex in 1961, but the figure remained a seasonal feature appearing only during the fair.

Instead, the Big Tex Circle display area was redesigned in 1966 with a larger mound. Big Tex traveled to his hometown of Kerens, Texas in 1981 to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city. The figure continued to travel to various promotional events until the mid-1980s. In 1997, Big Tex was given a skeletal makeover consisting of 4,200 feet of steel rods weighing 6,000 pounds. The new skeleton adjusted the posture and allowed for a new hand that waved to passersby, but kept the original head.

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