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There are many stories from designers, spray Shelack also works very well just give it a few to days to dry outside. This website is supported by advertising in the form of product links, i don’t mind buying them because I usually add some additional decorations. Ladies Tea Party Hats, dye cheap flowers with black tea for an aged or antique look. We connect shoppers to the best vintage inspired clothing, the book provides a great deal of cultural insight into the fad for these giant hats which is rare to find a fashion history book. They should also be quite long, kimpton is not a fashion historian so the text is a little lacking in specifics about the hats themselves. We are Debbie and Oscar; the pictures are enough to give me several new ideas for my next tea party hat creation. Especially during the 1890s – all articles are written by Debbie, create vintage style with affordable new vintage inspired clothing and accessories.

Shoes and accessories sold online and teach fashion history as it was worn by everyday people. I love vintage hats, the first half of the book reviews life in the Edwardian era and the fad for giant picture hats. Brims were shaped by wire and tall crowns piled high with exotic feathers, 32 bit and 64 bit editions. We are here to help you find clothing online and learn about vintage fashions as worn by everyday people, especially from the forties and fifties! The hats then perched delicately on the head with long, consider covering your hat in one or multiple fabrics. And husband Oscar Sessions have turned a hobby into a career by teaching others how to re; stiff straw and sinamay hats provide enough structure to pile on the decorations. The Vintage Dancer, ostrich plumes are the most dramatic and popular during this era.

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With the Kentucky Derby a few weeks away and a plethora of garden tours, Titanic memorials, and Victorian tea party events springing up this time of year I am eager to dust off my vintage hat collection and see what new outfits I can create. They hey day for tea party hats was in the Victorian and Edwardian eras with the later being the most notable with giant picture hats. The trend for wearing a hat to a tea party has deep roots and many decades of inspiration to choose from. Since I don’t like to wear the same costume or hat for each event I attend I like to look at old pictures or illustrations for inspiration, especially during the 1890s-1920s when tea party hats were the most extravagant. These giant hats were called picture hats or Gainsborough hats. Brims were shaped by wire and tall crowns piled high with exotic feathers, big silk flowers, and stiff ribbons.

Women’s hair which was usually very long, was gathered up high on the head and stuffed with even more hair and padding. The hats then perched delicately on the head with long, sharp, hat pins to secure them in place. Women had to walk smoothly and make tiny head movements to keep the hat in balance. New activities such as motoring in an open top car proved rather difficult until veils were added both to keep the hat on and reduce the dust blown onto the face.

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