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RIDGID TP1300 OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download RIDGID TP1300 owner’s manual online. 13 INCH THICKNESS All about thickness go pdf WITH LEGSET. TP1300 Planer pdf manual download.

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13 inch thickness planer with legset. Table of Contents Section Page Section Page Table of Contents . 2 Portable Applications 15 Safety Instructions for Work Bench Applications . 15 Installing the Handwheel Knob . Safety Instructions for Thickness Planer Safety is a combination of common sense, staying alert and knowing how your thickness planer works.

Read this manual to understand this thickness planer. Safety Signal Words WARNING: If the safety information is not followed, someone could be seri- DANGER: If the safety information is ously injured or killed. Before moving the thickness planer, room for handling and properly sup- turn off and unplug the power cord. Before Each Use the thickness planer off and unplug it. Replace damaged, missing, or failed Inspect your thickness planer. Disconnect The Thickness Planer planer again. They can get caught and objects into the eyes.

This can result draw you into moving parts. Do not allow Keep Children Away. Keep all visi- the board to hang from the planer. Never use another person as a sub- are clear of the thickness planer and stitute for a table extension, or as workpiece. Trailing End ends and edges.

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